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The best neckline that fits your body

ATALYE’ is a new fashion brand that focuses on made to measure dresses. Using 3D scanning technology as a tool, it brings to the customers contemporary-classic and modern-classic dresses for their perfect shape. Thanks to this technology advances, the customers will be able to choose the cut that fits their body out of a variety of alterations in the design. That includes the shape of the neck and the length as well as the color and fabric. Feeling great in dresses is not longer an utopia and we are going to discover that to you helping to find your perfect shape. ATALYE’ is not only a label on a dress, it is an experience. A 3D scanning encounter that not only will help to get more that 200 measurements to create the perfect fit but allows the customer to become the designer of their own garment.
The neckline
The neckline is the opening at the neck of a garment, a woman's garment, with reference to its shape or its position on the body, according to Word reference dictionary. But it doesn't ends here. Depending the size and shape of your chest area, one style would suits you better than another. We will not only help you to determine which one would be more flattering to you but we will also guide you with examples and show you the matching back options.
T-shirt neck
It is a very simple neckline and very flattering for most bodies, especially for women with a generous chest, as it is not too deep, covers it up very well. Optically lengthens the neck. It is also recommended for women with an elongated face or drooping shoulders. Avoid it if you have a very thin face, as it will look like you have it even more. Also if your shoulders are too wide, they will look wider. This style can only works with a closed back.
Boat neck
It is one of the most discreet necklines and disguises skin imperfections such as spots or freckles. It goes in a straight or round line, from shoulder to shoulder, very close to the neck. It can be more closed or open, showing more or less shoulders. This type of neckline favors women with normal and long necks. It enhances the bust, so it is ideal for women with small or medium breasts. The women who benefit most from this neck are those who want to conceal their hips and create a balance between the lower and upper body, as it compensates the shoulders with the hips. Avoid it if your shoulders are too wide. With the boat neck you have the possibility to match it with the boat or the V and Double V-back.
Round neck
It is not an ideal option for women with a rounded face or for those with a pronounced waist. On the contrary, if your face is oval, your bust is small or it feels a little saggy, this is your style. The round neck allows full customization, from the closed neck to the boat back to V-neck or double V-back.
The V-neckline is also an adaptable style. If you have a large chest, use one that is not too pronounced and the opposite if you have a small bust. For smaller women it helps to stylize the torso as it visually lengthens it. Also stylizes those with broad shoulders and round face as it relaxes the body features. Can go with the boat back or the V and Double-V.
What ever neckline you choose, the most important thing is that you will feel good with it. We will help you decide what shape is best for you once you will come visit us at the studio. 
We invite you to book a meeting with us!


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