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About The Blog

ATALYE' was born out of a realization that there is a need for change in the fashion industry. Change in transparency, women image, production chain. In this long road that we already walked in, we gained knowledge in all fields. At one point we felt that we want to share our knowledge with others. That is how "A point of view" was born.

In our blog, you can find posts about inspirational women that will encourage you to love yourself a bit more at WOMEN. You can read posts that will help you reconnect to yourself, keep balance and calmness in the intense life pace that we all live at WELLNESS. You can learn about new fashion technologies that will change the fashion industry in the near and far future, and the ones that the brand is using as well, at FASHION FUTURE. You can get to know our brand a bit more: what it stands for, the design options, future collaborations and more at ATALYE'.
We hope you will enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing,
The ATALYE team.


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