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Atalyé Service for Brands

We offer our all-in-one production as a service available for fashion brands. Get in touch to hear more about how your brand can create made-to-measure on-demand capsule collections with the help of Atalyé technology.

Our mission is to work together to innovate the traditional production chain to reduce waste and promote on-demand production. We believe in merging the past with the future, to bring made-to-measure to mass-market.

The customer journey

Customer chooses a made-to-measure item: online or in a physical store

Customer gets a 3D body scan on site scanning on-site, or at home with a phone app by customer

Automatic made-to-measure patterns are generated by Atalyé’s software

The pattern and sewing instructions are send automatically to a made-to-measure production facility

Product is locally made, packed and sent to the customer, from partner production facility

We're combining

Traditional pattern making

We create from the traditional technical pattern making point of view and not conceptual or artistic. We work from the basic block pattern as a starting point and then see what is the best way to offer a variety of elegant and timeless choices for customers.

3D body scanning technology

We are currently using 3D body scanners to get customers measurements in a few seconds. The customer comes in or scans themselves at home with their phone, steps into the scanning fitting room, stands still for a few seconds, and walks out - it’s that easy!

Atalyé's pattern making system

We developed a made-to-measure pattern generating software. This means that instead of crafting the patterns by hand, our system takes the measurements from the scanner and draws patterns from scratch. This makes our production system more efficient.

No sizes. Just your body.

For more information, email us or send us a message through the contact form below!

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