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Our story

We live in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, where technologies are blurring lines between the physical, digital, personal and shared. With the rise of machine learning, big data and robots, many traditional industries are being changed by disruptive technologies and businesses. Consumers are demanding more transparency and sustainability in things they buy. Especially in fashion. They want to know what materials their clothes are made of, by whom they were made, and under which conditions.  

In the midst of this paradigm shift, Atalyé is born.

Atalyé is a new fashion brand that focuses on made-to-measure dresses. We use technology as a tool to engineer contemporary-classic dresses in a perfect shape that is tailored for each person. Anyone can choose the cut that fits their body perfectly. We offer a variety of silhouette design options, as well choices in colour and fabric. Using our pioneering technology, we generate sewing dress patterns ready for manufacturing within minutes. We manufacture locally, so it takes only a few days before the customized dress is ready to be sent to its owner. Our short and efficient production chain is transparent and sustainable, just like our products. We want our customers to feel great in our dresses and to enjoy and cherish them for a longer time.

In our future, no sizes are needed. Just your body.

How it Started

In 2015, Tal read an article about the Dhaka garment factory collapse. This article opened her eyes to the often-dark reality of the fashion industry. The atrocity drove her to reinvent the way we produce and purchase clothes.

While exploring the transformative power of tech in fashion, Tal enrolled into a Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship, armed with an idea. After graduating, her idea became reality. She developed a software that automatically changes sewing patterns to fit a customer’s size. When combining this new technology with existing 3D scanning technologies, the production of made-to-measure garments becomes fast and easy. Tal believes that the future of the fashion industry should be more ethical and less polluting. With Atalyé she works on that future, one tailored garment at a time.

The Studio

The Atalyé studio is located within a fashion start-up environment at ‘De Hallen’ in Amsterdam city centre. Customers are welcome to visit us and get 3D body scanned. They can view and try on designs, feel the fabrics, and customize their garments to their own taste. All the magic happens in our studio: design, technology and production. From our studio we send the final garment to our customers.

It is possible to customize your garment online, but if you get scanned 3D in our studio, a wider range of dresses and fabrics are available for you, so we encourage you to come over and experience the magic on-site.

Meet our Team

Tal Atzmon Shaked
Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where she became experienced with the tech start-up industry. Tal has a background in product design and entrepreneurship. After relocating to Amsterdam, she decided to create Atalyé: a fashion-tech start-up that will change the future of the fashion industry.

Mathilde Terrasse
Content Specialist

Mathilde has now worked in communication for 5 years, and has a passion for storytelling and visuals. She loves to share the behind-the-scenes, and other situations that would traditionally be considered “not so attractive”. She believes beauty lies within the traces humans can leave behind.

Madina Ahadi
Designer & Product Developer

Madina loves to explore the different areas of womenswear. From ready-to-wear, to lingerie, to knits. She is eager to keep developing her skills, solve problems and challenge herself to designs conscious. Nothing is impossible till proven otherwise.

Mariachiara Galante 
Operations & Production Manager

Mariachiara is a multifaceted professional, with experience in product and brand development. Her passion for fashion started at a young age, and during the years she gained experience with companies worldwide. She joined Atalyé with a vision of deconstructing the current fashion production process, and giving it a new meaning.

Maud de Boer
UX/UI Designer

Maud has a rich background in user experience design and sustainability. She’s a passionate and curious person, always seeking for the best user experience for the customer. She always aims to create products that solve problems, add value, and create a better world.

Laura Slings
3D Designer

Laura is a talented fashion designer. She has various design skills and a great passion for 3D design and modelling. She loves moving between the virtual and physical world, using her expertise to create new designs and visualizations that will be loved by many.

Mattie Couperus
Pattern Maker

Mattie has a vast background of over 30 years in the fashion industry. After owning her own brand for many years, she decided to focus on her passion: patternmaking. She works closely with the ATALYE’ team to create patterns that will fit all body sizes and shapes.