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We believe in local production, from begin to end. This is how we do it.

We produce your garment only after you purchase it. Depending on the volume of our work, this can take from a few hours up to a couple of days. Producing on-demand means we won’t have any garment stock that results in deadstock garments.

Atalyé commits to zero overproduction. We only produce what we sell. Of course, we have samples in the studio for you to envision the final product. We even keep our cutting scraps to create new small products out of them and to ensure minimum waste.

Local Production

We believe that our garments should be produced nearby, by talent that lives among us. We produce all of our garments in our Amsterdam-based studio, or in collaboration with gifted seamstresses that come from the area. This allows us to monitor the production and to ensure that we deliver high quality garments. It's important to us that our customers will know who produced their dress.

Our local production and delivery in The Netherlands and its surroundings enable us to minimize any carbon footprint caused by shipping. 

Sustainable Materials

We believe that the fabrics that cover our body should be of high and sustainable quality. We carefully source fabrics that are produced in the EU under the EU production regulations. That means that the factories we work with have one of these certifications: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), STANDARD 100 (by OEKO-TEX®), BlueSign, and for cotton manufacturers BCI (Better Cotton Initiative).

We do not produce our own fabrics. We work with factories and suppliers within the Europe that have available stock of fabrics that is already out there. We also work with so-called “deadstock” fabrics or fabrics that were produced for other companies but were not fully used by them. We buy up those fabrics and use them in limited edition Atalyé collections. Once the fabric is finished, it will not reappear in stock. 

For our collaborations with artists and graphic designers, we produce limited quantities of sustainable fabrics, with a maximum of 100 meters per collaboration. The print production is made in the Netherlands.

Our Technology

Our Automatic Pattern Making System
At Atalyé we aim to produce your dresses within a couple of hours up to a few days. Since we produce your dress to your particular measurements, each dress sewing pattern we make is unique. In the traditional market, a pattern maker would draw your sewing pattern manually, which would take a minimum of 2.5 hours. At Atalyé we have developed an automatic software that generates a customized sewing pattern based on your measurements, that is ready for production, within just seconds. This rapid software makes our production highly efficient.

Our 3D Objects
By using 3D objects to visualize design options that you can choose from, we reduce dress sampling and minimize any waste that comes with it. From a sustainability point of view, 3D sampling is the most responsible choice for Atalyé, as it minimizes our footprint.

Our 3D objects allow you to co-design your item, immediately view your alterations, and go back and forth between design options, colours and fabrics. For reference of colour and silhouettes, our photo gallery shows some real-life examples of the garments we have produced, worn by real women. At Atalyé, a dream garment is created together.

Our Collections

At Atalyé we created a new collection concept. Atalyé designs stay, but are ever-evolving through new design details that are introduced every few months. Each garment has multiple customizable options, which generates many different design options. This way, you will always be able to repurchase your favorite item with a surprising new twist.

Occasionally, ATALYE launches limited collections. For example, through collaborations with designers and artists, or when we produce garments with deadstock fabrics. When these items are sold out, they will not reappear in stock again. To stay up to date for exciting collaborations, limited fabrics, and new design options, follow us on Instagram or sign up to our newsletter below.