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The Benefits of local manufacturing and sourcing

Atalyé’s core values are about made-to-measure and on demand fashion made locally. Our goal is to produce clothing that fit customers better than the traditional sizing system, only once the product has been bought, with local partners, to reduce waste within the fashion industry.

Today we are discussing the 4 biggest benefits we have found about sourcing and producing locally!

1️⃣ More transparency:

Localizing our supply chain usually also means being able to have a clearer idea of where everything comes from and how it is being made. We work with partners that understand our desire to make fashion more sustainable and therefore can provide us the origins and certifications of the goods we buy from them.

2️⃣ Focus on community building:

Sourcing locally is also a way to invest into your community as a business. We are consciously making the choice to work with closer partners that might cost us more than if we chose to work with supplies that are further. To us, this is worth it and also a way to disrupt the old fashion system. It’s important to contribute to the local economy in order to prioritize community and more simply human lives.

3️⃣ Being more mindful of the environment:

Localizing our supply chain means reducing shipping and storage costs, and decreasing emissions and energy usage due to proximity.

4️⃣ Greater quality control:

The further away you are from elements of your supply chain, the more effort it requires to ensure quality control. Face-to-face visits allow us to address any concerns and ensure that all products meet our standards. There’s also less chances for details to get 'lost in translation’, which often occurs when working with partners that are across the globe and not being able to visit the production facilities physically.

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