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Sustainable Fashion Giftcard x Atalyé

Sustainable Fashion Gift Card was founded in 2020 by Nanette Hogervost. This platforms allows the customers to shop within a curated selection of sustainable fashion businesses in the Netherlands. The SFGC regroups innovative business and pioneers that are trying to reshape the fashion industry. This gift card can be redeemed at 60+ sustainable fashion brands, shops and e-shops, clothing libraries and experiences such as the Fashion for Good fashion museum.

Their vision is to show people a world full of good fashion. The SFGC is an inspiring positive business that triggers people to make a conscious decision through a gift from friends, family and colleagues. 
In order to join their community, brands need to have 80% or more of the collection sustainable. What does this exactly mean? The brands need to either have certifications, produce locally, empower community, be transparent, have an innovative business model, perform in product innovation, use innovative materials. 
We are so excited to be part of this precious community that pushes us to always do better for our industry. SDGC customers are now able to spend their gift card on one of our products! 


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