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Esther van de Glind, MUSA intimates.

MUSA intimates was founded in 2019, by a group of five women, during their studies of de University of the Arts in Utrecht. 

They felt like the lingerie industry wasn’t representative of real women and not sustainable. Four years later, MUSA intimates is working as strong and transparent business, focusing on innovating in the lingerie industry while using waste streams to create new textile. 

Their products are made out of waste from banana plants. Their mission is to make their future customers feel sexy, comfortable, good about their purchase.

So inspiring to see a group of young entrepreneurs making their priority to bring to the market responsible and considerate products that are not only better for the environment than traditional lingerie but also that make women feel good about themselves!

We really relate to this mission at Atalyé and therefore so happy to see other women are busy improving the fashion industry as well! 

Thank you Esther, head of marketing, for taking the time to inspire us with your story:

What made you want to start this business?

Co-founder Joana de Kwant started MUSA intimates in 2019, with four other women. In assignment of de University of the Arts Utrecht, they started conceptualizing. They felt like the lingerie industry wasn’t representative of real women. In addition, the concept had to be sustainable, but they realized something that would make it even stronger: a transparent sustainable lingerie brand. They believed transparency is key to creating this company.

Almost four years later and MUSA intimates is working in a strong team of three co-owners and two team members. We’re innovating the lingerie industry, while researching the possibility of using waste streams of the banana plant. Our mission? To make our future customers feel sexy, comfortable, and good about their purchase (knowing it’s truly transparent in it’s circular process). 

What problem is your business solving today?

The need of (young) women to feel represented in the lingerie industry, and giving them a voice through are platform.

How do you create novelty in a sustainable way in your brand?

By researching new textile, created out of waste stream of the banana plants. This way we create a unique product, that’s circular at the same time.

If you were to give your 20 year old self advice, what would it be?

Continue entrepreneurship and take risks. It’s amazing what you can achieve at such a young age.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Ellen van Til. She is one of the co-founders of MUSA intimates and was a great leader over the past few years. Even though she doesn’t work at MUSA anymore, she keeps inspiring me to deliver great work.

What makes you smile?

Accomplishments within our MUSA team, such as organizing a campaign that is successful.  


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📸 Photography Credit: @brambeekmanfilm


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