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Atalyé x moooi

We participated in in Dutch Design Week back in October ! ✨

For us, this was a milestone 🏅 as it was the first time we are publicly showcasing the full Atalyé experience.

We created this booth around our 3D body scanner and had daily live demos of our entire supply chain 🌱. One customer could come get scanned in the morning, and leave with their made-to-measure and on-demand t-shirt, in collaboration with moooi, by the afternoon 👚.

We were therefore able to scan the customer ➡️ generate their made-to-measure pattern automatically with our software ➡️ cut the fabric automatically ➡️ and sew on-site.

People’s reaction were so encouraging! 🫶

Many of you were impressed that we are already a running business implementing this technology! We know this can seem like a futuristic approach to fashion at the moment but we know that in a couple of years, made-to-measure fashion and 3D body scanning will be fully integrated in the mainstream shopping experience 🛍 and familiar for all of us.



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