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3D scanning against standard sizes

Have you ever struggled to find the right size of a dress or a pair of trousers?
Don’t worry, we all have. Several reports have proved that sizing problems are the main reason for returns and create enormous costs for fashion retailers around the globe, specially for those online-based. In fact, according to an article published by the global law firm DLA Piper, the average return rate for online apparel purchases is between the 30% and 40% and in the case of women’s dresses (where fit is even more important), the percentage goes up to the 50%. Sizes have been standardized in Small, Medium and Large, but paradoxically there are no two identical bodies in the entire world. That’s why we want to tell you:

No matter your size or shape, your BODY is just PERFECT.

But because we know actions speak louder than words, in ATALYE’ we have put together innovation and technology to challenge the standard sizes and thanks to 3D body scanners we will be able to create perfect fitting clothes for you. 3D body scanners capture the shape of a human body without any physical contact, by using a laser light or a camera. Usually their appearance is the same as any fitting room, and you only need to stand in the center for a few seconds in order to get your measurements. The result is an accurate 3D model, also known as 3D avatar, from which we can extract data. These models can be processed by computer systems for different applications. In our case we will use this information to create patterns, then manufacture your perfect fitting dress in our local workshop.

Phone suppliers are already exploring how to incorporate 3D technologies in smartphones, so that consumers can take 3D scans of their bodies, although this has great privacy implications. For the moment, some existing apps already allow consumers to create 3D images of themselves by taking several 2D selfies but, because this technology is developing very quickly, experts believe that this dimensional imagery could become popular in the next few years. If this happens, it will have great implications in the fashion industry.


At ATALYE we use both technologies to create the dresses for you. so all you have to do is get scanned, via mobile phone or at our studio. 

You are more than welcome to come for a visit!


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