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Testing RE:YU's 100% recycled fabrics!

One of our values is collaboration. As a start up in fashion, the most important and also hardest part is to gain visibility. We believe that we can spread our vision of a better fashion system faster by working with other brands and individuals that have the same convictions as us. 

We therefore decided to work with Naima Sandele and RE:YU’s to develop part of the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. 

Naima is an influencer who started her journey a couple years ago on instagram. She loved dressing up and therefore thought other people might also enjoy her style as well. She was right! She has gained a following and is now more concerned about the fashion she promotes on her page. She told us she is currently in a transition period where she wants to help sustainable fashion brands grow their audience as well. 

RE:YU’s is a platform that offers functional fabrics made of recycled material baes in Taiwan. They transform post and pre consumer waste into functional fabrics. RE:YU’s has mainly worked with functional fashion brands but are now interested in broadening their clients. They approached us to test their fabric in more elegant and feminine designs.

With these two collaborators, we decided to create a co-ord set for our Spring/Summer 2022 collection. We wanted to merge the functional aspect of RE:YU’s fabric with Naima and Atalyé’s signature. Madina, our product developer here at Atalyé, made samples out of the 100% recycled nylon fabric. She thought the fabric was light and seemed breathable due to the peach and wicking coating drawing moisture away from the body. These fabrics were made for the warmer weather due to their thinness - perfect for our new collection! Madina doubled the fabric fully for the top and part of the skirt in order to give Naima a more luxury feel to the garment. She mentioned it was easy to work with and sew which is important to have an efficient production chain. 

Naima loved the final result and so did we! This fabric, that would normally be used for what could be considered sportswear or active wear, gave our designs a great contemporary touch. It was really nice to see the versatility of this fabric and of course love that it’s made out of recycled material. We are soon going to be launching this co-ord set designed with Naima for pre-order of a limited quantity. So keep an eye out if you love it as much as we do! And go check out what RE:YU’s is doing on their website.


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