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How It Works

Atalyé produces your garment to your own taste and unique shape. Through this new shopping experience, we want to shape the future of fashion with the help of tech, by creating timeless, tailored clothing that lasts today, tomorrow and thereafter. We believe this is what the fashion industry should be like: Tailored precisely to you. Because nobody is standard.

How do you shop at Atalyé? You can book a fitting at our studio or request a scanning link online!

3D Body Scan

3D body scan technology captures your body measurements in order to manufacture a garment that will be produced accordingly. A garment that is produced to your own body measurements is also called a made-to-measure garment. Until a century ago, made-to-measure was common practice in fashion, before mass-production took over. We predict that this will return in the near future thanks to emerging technologies that can change the course of the fashion industry.

Our 3D body scanner
Come to the studio to get scanned with our infrared body scanner.

Our 3D body scanner is a metal frame, and is the same size as a standard fitting room. The 20 infrared lights in this frame, capture your body shape and measurements. When stepping into the scanner, you should wear tight fitting clothes or underwear (the scanner does not contain any cameras in it). For about 30 seconds, you maintain the same position until the scanning is complete. The entire process takes up to five minutes.

Studio Shopping

Come visit us in our studio to explore the design options. Try on the samples, feel the fabrics, get 3D scanned, and watch the magic happen!

At the studio you can purchase a garment in four simple steps.

Step 1: Book a fitting
Book time at our studio using the 'book a fitting' button on the bottom right corner, or the button that is shown on the pages of our products.

Step 2: Get scanned in our 3D body scanner
Getting scanned in our 3D body scanner is easy and comfortable, and it will only take a few minutes. We ask you to wear form fitting clothes, or your underwear. The scanner has 20 infrared lights that capture your body shape and measurements. We will be there to help you complete the process. For any questions regarding the 3D body scanning process, you can contact us here.

Step 3: Choose the item you like and customize
Customize your item to your taste, and preview the final result in 3D. In our studio you have a choice our of a wide variety of designs and fabrics. 

Step 4: You purchase, we produce.
The production process varies from taking just a few hours up to a few days, depending on our volume. You can have your garment shipped, or come and pick it up once it’s ready.

Online Shopping

Purchase a garment in four simple steps.

Step 1: Request a scanning link

Click on the 'book a fitting' on the bottom of the page. Make an appointment and put in the comments that you want to scan yourself at home. We will send you a scanning link as soon as possible. You can also request a scanning link by sending us a message here.

Step 2: Scan yourself at home
You can get 3D scanned in the mobile app at home, by yourself or with the help of a friend. It's an easy process that takes a few minutes. All you need is your phone camera. Also, you must wear figure-hugging clothes so your outlines are clearly visible for the scan. You can watch this video to get more information on how to scan yourself at home.

Step 3: Choose your item and customize
Every one of our products is customizable. Click on one of our products and change change the item to your wishes. The design will change accordingly on your screen.

Step 4: You purchase, we produce

Within 10 business days (or less), your dress will be ready for shipment or pickup.